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Hi, finals week and moving was a lot more complicated than I was expecting. I’m working on replies and writing and things, so let me know if you’re interested in plotting / having a thread / etc!

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Awkward Meetings Meme!

Funny ways to start an interaction between characters! Send some!:
"Hi. Are you here for the cat obsession support group, too?"
"Oh my gosh! Are you pregnant?"
"Don't go in there. I just farted."
"Be ready. At 1 o'clock you-know-who's doing you-know-what at you-know-where."
"OH MY GOD! HEY! IT'S BEEN FOREVER! *hugs* Wait... Oh. Sorry, you weren't who I thought you were..."
"Do you know when the Supreme Leader is supposed to get here?"
"Have you prepared yourself for the zombie apocalypse?"
"Do you know what gets blood off upholstery?"
"CONGRATULATIONS! You're the 53rd person to avoid making eye contact with me today! That means you get a free invasion-of-personal-space hug!"
"Um... You've got some toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe. I just thought you should know."
"Hypothetically... How would you want your stalker to introduce themselves to you?"
"I think that hot dog isn't using the right bicycle, if you know what I mean *wink, wink*"

Charlotte was splayed on the end of the dock, rolled up tank top and black panties and toasting skin. A pile of clothes lay unceremoniously by eir shoulder, and a bird shat a foot away from eir head, but ey didn’t notice. Eir ear buds were securely nuzzled in eir ears, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros could just be heard over the crashing waves, banging their cymbals and singing about home.



"Damn, if only dead bodies cleaned up after themselves. Would save a lot of bleach."

Charlotte tripped in the door way as ey came in. The hinges squealed and shed rust as the door swung shut, and ey didn’t notice the bodies until ey nearly stepped on one.

Eir stomach croaked again, and Charlotte gnawed on eir lips as ey waited for the plodding cashier to finish bagging eir groceries. Ey shoved eir hands deep into eir pant pockets and glanced back at the lengthening line behind eir. Ey half-smiled apologetically for the four - soon to be six - bags of food. The cashier was clearly just hired, a young girl likely at her first job, and was taking her sweet time with every customer. Charlotte’s stomach croaked.

"Hey, could I bum a cigarette?" Charlotte asked. Ey half-smiled sheepishly and bit eir lower lip, eyeing the person in front of eir like a hopeful puppy. Ey was disheveled, folded against the concrete building, wilted and worn and very nearly rank with the scent of stale sex.

Charlotte leaned back against the metal chair, eyeing the people mulling about the pier. Ey fiddled with the menu in front of eir, ignoring the perplexed looks the greasy teenage waiter kept shooting her. Ey brought eir boots up on one of the chairs at the otherwise-empty table, crossing eir feet at the ankles. Ey licked eir lips and shaded eir eyes against the afternoon light. “Hey,” ey drawled. “Do I know you?”

Charlotte grunted, scowling at the foot ey just banged and glaring at the offending shelf. Ey dragged the overloaded and squawing cart behind eir, shelving elderly books just above eir head. The next book, a fat and rather sticky hardcover proclaiming to be the solution to women’s apparently mysterious libido, released an onslaught of dust and crumbs into Charlotte’s face. “God damn,” ey sneezed, rubbing eir eyes with eir wrist. Ey turned as if ey were giving up on this aisle and straightened, mustering a half smile for the patron whose way ey was blocking. “Do you need something?”

atickingheart message me:
"Um... You've got some toilet paper on the bottom of your shoe. I just thought you should know."


"What? Oh…" 


"How obnoxious…" He steps on the trailing strip of white with the foot that it didn’t adhere itself to and then lifted his foot away from it to remove it from his shoe. Just as an added precaution, he dragged his shoe across the pavement a couple times. 

Charlotte swallowed a smirk. “I think you got it all.”

Eir legs were gone, soaked sand swallowing them whole. The greedy tide crawled up the beach, gold-flecked and cold; and Charlotte had spent hours watching it climb up eir calves. The day was dying, and the beach looked like it didn’t belong on Earth, bathed with shades of lilac and blue. Charlotte shivered, the wind tossing eir hair into eir eyes. Ey shook out eir sopping pant legs and stood, tossing eir head in order to see whose feet were crunching in the sand behind eir.

If I’m following you, then I’m planning on asking to write with you soon-ish. I’m still finalising a few things for Charlotte, finishing starters, editing fine details to her backstory.